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A COVID Spring and 2020 Vision

c pass - April 20, 2020 - 0 comments

Spring, a universal symbol for rebirth. A full circle of life’s cycles. 

Amidst COVID 19, and all the uncertainties it fosters, there is a great need for clarity and genuine compassion for all of those within our communities and those communities of which ours belong to. Rightfully, we have more patience and admiration for one another’s resilience, and our shared interest is in strengthening everyone’s health and wellbeing, collectively.

The theme of rebirth feels on replay, as we are constantly reminded of how finite our precious moments are. We mourn the loss of loved ones, we are unable to come together for ceremonies, whether it be to celebrate milestones, share festivities, prayers or say our formal goodbye to those who parted. Our livelihoods are compromised and we’re forced to slow down and gather strength for when we can begin to mend the wounds we’ll be left with healing. We are discovering the gems in humanity and are being regularly reminded of what unity truly looks like, amongst this pandemic, global threat that we are all equally endangered by. 

“This tiny coronavirus has shown us in a painful way that humanity is a single organism and human existence is possible only in relation to other living beings. The notion of “relationship” should be understood as a maxim, as the ability to love.”

Arvo Pärt 

For our wider team at CPASS, this is a time for introspection and caring for ourselves and those around us. Our thoughts are with the patients and families who would otherwise need to travel to obtain a less costly CBMP prescription and to those who’ve had their medical appointments postponed due to the pressure that our medical teams are currently under.  

Our thoughts are also with those who have left us. We have witnessed the globe pay a tribute to the family of Charlotte Figi, pioneers behind a movement to unveil the medical, anti-epileptic, properties of cannabis, revolutionising the livelihoods of families affected with Dravet Syndrome across the globe. COVID 19 claimed Charlotte’s life, at the wee age of 13. This little girl will continue to be at the heartbeat of our mission at CPASS as we carry the torch of safe and sustainable access to cannabis-based treatments for all patients who choose it.

Perhaps now is a timely moment to share our journey so far and the changes and rebirths within our organisation. In our short lifetime, there have been many cycles. 

One year ago, April 2019, CPASS was born as a concept, from the team focused on patient advocacy at the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC). We started with a vision to unite patient groups, medical teams and health organisations. It became imminently clear that, together with Professor Ann Keen RN, a Nurses Arm would be key in generating the pathway to patient care with CBMPs. Launching at the Royal College of Nursing in London in November 2019, we were ready to rise in 2020, the Year of the Nurse and Midwife as declared by the World Health Organisation. With this said, we’d like to take a moment to share a special thank you and salute with tremendous gratitude to all the frontline, including those members from our team and Advisory Board, true to form, fighting for those who we love.

And as the seasons come and go, this has been equally the case for our operational team. We bid a farewell parting to Jon Liebling, former Co-Founding Director to CPASS, who has resigned to focus on a new career path. 

We are pleased to announce new additions to the team, with whom we are confident that the organisation will flourish and bloom. Please join us in welcoming 

Mary Biles, CPASS Chief Editor

“Education and campaigning for better access to cannabis-based medicine have always been central to my work as a medical cannabis writer, so I was delighted when the opportunity arose to become part of the CPASS team. I come from a family of nurses and have seen first hand the key role they play in supporting patients in their healing, so I am particularly excited to be part of the CPASS initiative to create a framework within which nurses can extend this support to medicinal cannabis patients.”

Zinmar Adkin, CPASS Communications Lead

“I believe cannabis-based products will play an integral role both in the future of public healthcare and personal self-care at home. My work in cannabis communications is dedicated to educating the practicalities of everyday CBD wellness for safe, responsible consumption. I’m excited to join hands with the CPASS team on this tremendous initiative and I look forward to supporting both patients and healthcare professionals in their journey to understand and demystify medicinal cannabis.”

Sarah Higgins RN NMP NDFSRH, Women’s & Sexual Health Lead, The Nurses Arm

With a team devoted to making the world a better place, we look forward to developing this mission together, with you. True to the spirit of new beginnings, we invite you to have a listen to Mary’s latest podcast venture, Cannabis Voices, which highlights the perspectives of patients, doctors, researchers and scientists, launched at the start of April 2020. The episodes can be found following the links provided below. 

“Patients’ voices are so often lost in the cannabis space which often pays more heed to industry movers and shakers. But without patients, there is no industry – and after interviewing some incredibly inspiring patients and carers for a book about CBD oil, I realised these voices need to be heard in their own words. And so, ‘Cannabis Voices’ was born, which will also feature fascinating insights from top cannabis research scientists and doctors.”

Lastly, but not least, Advisory Board Member and breast cancer survivor, Dr Lina Elliason has generated a resource for support, during these testing times. Please visit this link here, to access a three-pillar plan to nourish body and mind. 

No-one knows how we will come out of this, but we all know that nothing will remain the same, so all that we are left to do, at CPASS,  is build at the speed of trust. 

Wishing you all to stay safe and hopeful, 

Basia Zieniewicz

Founding Director


Mary Biles Cannabis Voices

Dr Lina Eliasson’s Three-pillar plan to nourish body and mind during COVID

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