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CPASS presents a new groundbreaking Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) webinar series on medicinal cannabis.

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Over the next 12 months, leaders from a multitude of disciplines will come together to provide world class education on medicinal cannabis for UK nurses and healthcare professionals. 

Each event will be structured into 2 parts; the theory behind the benefits of cannabis medicines within key areas of medicine, and the MDT demonstrating how the theory is put into practice. Each MDT will feature a Specialist Consultant, Nurse, GP and Pharmacist, all working within the medicinal cannabis field in the UK. Their discussion will illustrate real world case studies within each of the following areas; pain, mental health, neurology, oncology, women’s health and palliative care. 

“I have had the good fortune to practice as a registered nurse for approximately 40 years. At the start of my career, the MDT did not exist. Medical hierarchy ruled the day and nurses were never allowed to consider their views as important, despite their role being vital to how patients manage their symptoms. This culture was wrong for many reasons but most importantly, the patient did not benefit. Over the decades this has changed for the better, now the MDT is the only way to manage quality safe care with the patient at the centre. 

It is vital therefore, to firmly establish this framework at the very heart of cannabis-based medicine, not only as a way to ensure efficacious and appropriate care for patients, but also to illustrate to healthcare professionals how medical cannabis is and can be prescribed in a real world setting.” Professor Ann Lloyd Keen, RN NDN FQNI FRCN FAAN, Former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Health Services, Chair and Co Founder to CPASS Nurses Arm. 

This approach is a welcome first for health practitioners in the UK, as medicinal cannabis education expands to reach a more inclusive sector of frontline medics. 

“This is an exciting time in the evaluation of the roles that cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) can best play in clinical practice. We’ve known about the physiological endocannabinoid system for about 30 years now, but we’re only just finding out how to modulate its functions using plant-derived molecules for patient benefit. I hope that by sharing understandings and experiences gained from our own journeys with CBMPs, we can help colleagues better understand CBMPs, so they can advise patients who ask about them, and perhaps move towards prescribing themselves. At Integro Clinics MDT practise is at the core of our patient centred ethos, ensuring that at all times a gold standard of care is delivered. The input of a multidisciplinary team leads to the best possible outcome for the patient.” Dr Anthony Ordman, Senior Clinical Adviser and Hon, Medical Director of Integro Medical Clinics and immediate past President of the Pain Medicine Section and of the Royal Society of Medicine. 

While the aim of the webinar series is to provide practical education for health professionals about the real life clinical applications of cannabis medicines, the sessions will be equally valuable for patients, care-givers, or indeed anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of how CBMPs can bring symptom relief in a range of indications. 

I first dispensed a cannabis based medicine in the late 90’s, at that point there wasn’t much success in using nabilone for pain. To now work delivering care to patients using cannabis extracts and supporting specialist clinicians puts me at the forefront of using this new therapy in the UK. It’s a privilege to share patient’s journeys with cannabis and it is rewarding to see the exciting developments we will see over the coming years.” Carl Holvey, Chief Pharmacist, Sapphire Medical Clinics, Private Healthcare Representative, NHS Digital Expert Advisory Committee and CPASS Advisory Board. 

The series will end with an event exploring the stigma surrounding these new cannabis medicines and how healthcare professionals may gain a better understanding of them in order to better care for UK patients. 

What motivates me as a busy working GP is I see many patients in my NHS practice who don’t seem to be responding particularly well to conventional treatments and medications. Now I think medicinal cannabis of ers hope for some patients, it gives them a chance to have some symptom relief and I think it’s the least we can do for those patients who would benefit from this the most. I think when it’s introduced in a safe monitored way it can be very very ef ective for a number of diferent conditions.” Dr Leon Barron, NHS GP, an executive committee member of The Medical Cannabis Clinic and Founder of The Primary Care Cannabis Network (PCCN), a growing group of UK General Practitioners with a professional interest in medicinal cannabis. 

The inaugural webinar, with a focus on pain, will commence on the 25th of November. Register in advance.

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