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Write to your GE 2019 Party Parliamentary Candidates

Jon L - November 29, 2019 - 0 comments



CPASS want to take advantage of the upcoming General Election on December 12th 2019 to raise awareness of the continuing plight of medical cannabis patients in the UK and increase the chances of the subject being discussed in Hustings that are happening all over the country between now and election day.

We have made it as easy as possible for you, as a patient, parent or carer to Write to your GE 2019 Party Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) and ask them to support better access to Cannabis-based medicinal products for you, those in your care and for all patients in the UK

Find and Email Your PPCs

Find my candidates and their contact details/email addresses?

1: Enter your postcode on this website: 

You should see a list of your candidates with contact details you can click through to get.

Make a note of each candidate’s name and email address


2: Access or Download the Template Email that we have created for you in a number of formats:

Complete the [Enclosed Brackets] sections (for each candidate you want to send it to) and feel free to expand and say more about your personal medical cannabis story if you wish.

Whilst this is entirely optional and, of course, you can keep your communications to your PPCs private, CPASS would like to track who has been contacted and how many patients and carers have sent emails, and we would like to follow up with the successful candidates after the election, so we politely request that you please copy into the cc field or simply forward the email you send.

Here’s a great couple of articles from one of our Patient Champions, Bill Griffin on how all parties have approached this subject, or otherwise in their Manifestos:

On behalf of all patients, thank you, so much for taking part in this initiative, good luck and please share this page with everyone you know.


Register your interest in CPASS here:


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