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Executive Board

Ann Keen


Ann Keen RN NDN, FQNI, FRCN, FAAN. A former MP under Secretary of State for NHS. Chair of Prime Minister Commissions Future of Nursing & Midwifery. RN Registered Nurse NDN National District Nurse. FQNI Fellow Queens Nursing Institute. FRCN Fellow Royal College of Nurses. FAAN Fellow American Academy of Nursing.

Basia Zieniewicz


Basia is a co-founder of Families4Access and co-founding director of CANNTalks, piloted at University of Cambridge. Founding Team for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis. Creative Director for various campaigns and small organisations. Arts & Special Educational Needs Educator. Postgraduate in Integrative Therapeutic Application of the Arts in Education. Basia has a keen interest in functional health and wellbeing and motivated by ethical and meaningful change. As an advocate for access to cannabis for medicinal use post exploring various cultures at different stages through reform, Basia has decided to dedicate her attention to patient advocacy and public education, leading her to most recently being a founding member of both CPASS and CANNTalks, to tackle these initiatives, respectively

Jonathan Liebling


Jon spent 5 years as Political Director for United Patients Alliance, a patient-led, volunteer organisation who provide support for medical cannabis patients whilst campaigning for legal access in the UK, lead researcher for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis and is a Co-Founder and Director of Cannabis Patient Advocacy and Support Services – CPASS
Jon has been consuming cannabis to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety all his adult life. After studying psychology and working as a psychiatric nurse, he built a career in IT Business Relationship Management. Resulting from legal issues with growing his own therapeutic cannabis he decided it was time to stand up and fight for patients right to their medicine, drawing on those experiences and knowledge to lobby for legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK.
To relax, Jon loves to dance!

Tarin Heaton-Heather


Co-founding Commercial Director to CANNTalks, Curating A New Normal. 10 years producing and promoting over 2,000 public facing events. Founding investor and brand manager for a successful exercise venture and its World Championships in Jamaica. Founding partner and executive researcher for international JV with Svitzer / Ardent, Maersk & The Nautilus Group. An outdoor adventure sports sportsman supporting environmental, permaculture and wellness projects.