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Nurses Arm

Professor Ann Loyd Keen RN NDN FRCN FAAN
CPASS Chair & Co-founder

A former MP under Secretary of State for NHS. Chair of Prime Minister Commissions Future of Nursing & Midwifery. RN Registered Nurse NDN National District Nurse. FQNI Fellow Queens Nursing Institute. FRCN Fellow Royal College of Nurses. FAAN Fellow American Academy of Nursing.

Eloise Theisen MSN, RN, AGPCNP – BC

Eloise is a board-certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in nursing. Prior to cannabis, Eloise worked for about 14 years in oncology at John Muir. She started her own cannabis practice about 6 years ago and she has treated over 6000 patients using cannabis. Eloise was possibly the first HCP to bring a clinical dosing regimen to the cannabis space and has assembled the knowledge and data to use cannabis to treat a broad range of conditions and disease, especially those that commonly afflict seniors—pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. There are very few HCPs nationally with the same level of expertise and experience. Eloise is the current President of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and will serve as President through 2022.

Sophie Hayes RN 
Clinical Lead | Co-founder

Sophie is a registered nurse working in the NHS. She wrote her dissertation on “The Role of the Nurse when working with patients using Cannabis to manage their conditions”. Sophie specialised in Emergency and Acute Medicine, She has worked in A&E in Royal Sussex County Hospital, in Acute Admissions in St Thomas’s Hospital and is currently working in the critical care units at Kings College Hospital as part of a trauma course. She has worked with Cannabis-patient advocacy organisations planning and working on campaigns and community events and taking delegations of patients to give testimony at parliament. She has spoken to countless patients about their cannabis use and has a wealth of knowledge from her own research and personal experience.

She lives with her partner, who uses cannabis for Crohn’s disease, in NW London.

Sarah Higgins RN NMP NDFSRH 
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Women’s & Sexual Health Lead

Sarah is a Clinical Nurse Specialist, with over ten years’ experience working in the NHS. She has previously worked at a number of London services and is now based in Berkshire. She developed an interest in medical cannabis and its application in women’s health following the implementation of routine screening for recreational drug use in sexual and reproductive health services. On exploring this further she identified a trend in which women were often self medicating with cannabis for hormone related difficulties. She is a champion for equality in ‘access to health services’ and has participated in various research studies. 

Sue Lyneborg RN BN
Nordsjaellands Hospital, Palliative Team, Gynaecology Dept, Denmark

With a degree in economics from Stafford University, a Bachelor in Nursing, and a worldly experience, Sue was influenced by her experience of nursing her father through terminal Mesothelioma. She had an immediate affinity with cancer patients and their families and very quickly became part of the palliative team in the department. In 2017 she gained the position of Nurse Lead in Palliative Care, shortly after the sudden death of her mother in December 2016. Not long into her work as Palliative Lead, Sue began to feel the need to test her abilities and was granted one year unpaid leave to work in and explore other areas. Sue contacted a hospice she had worked with and a large palliative specialist unit and during the winter of 2018, she worked first at Saint Lukas hospice and later Palliative Department, Frederiksund Hospital alongside specialist nurses and highly qualified palliative doctors. It was during her sabbatical that she noticed the difference in attitude to the use of medical cannabis and is now engaging in CBMPs patient care pathway.