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Operations Team

Professor Ann Loyd Keen RN NDN FRCN FAAN
CPASS Chair & Co-founder to Nurses Arm

A former MP under Secretary of State for NHS. Chair of Prime Minister Commissions Future of Nursing & Midwifery. RN Registered Nurse NDN National District Nurse. FQNI Fellow Queens Nursing Institute. FRCN Fellow Royal College of Nurses. FAAN Fellow American Academy of Nursing.

Basia Zieniewicz
Founding Director


Vice President to Medicinal Cannabis Europe. Trustee to Sapphire Medical Foundation. Basia is of the founding team from Billy Caldwell’s 2018 campaign, Families 4 Access, and founding team for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC). Founding Director & Curator of CANNTalks; Curating A New Normal at the University of Cambridge. Founding Director to Cannabis Patient Advocacy Support Services. A former Arts & Special Educational Needs Teacher, Basia is motivated by meaningful cultural shifts and progress, driven by an interest in mental health, education and well-being, a yoga teacher in training. Recipient of Kindness in Leadership; 50 Leading Lights 2019 accolade campaign by Women of the Future.


Tarin Heaton Heather 
Organisational Development Lead


Co-founding Commercial Director to CANNTalks, Curating A New Normal. 10 years producing and promoting over 2,000 public-facing events. Founding investor and brand manager for a successful exercise venture and its World Championships in Jamaica. Founding partner and executive researcher for international JV with Svitzer / Ardent, Maersk & The Nautilus Group. An outdoor adventure sportsman supporting environmental, permaculture, and wellness projects.

Mary Biles
Chief Editor

Mary Biles is a medical cannabis journalist, CBD industry insider and host of the podcast Cannabis Voices. Following a varied career in TV production and as a complementary therapist, she became fascinated by the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant after seeing first-hand its extraordinary health benefits. Since then, she has been writing about cannabinoids, in particular CBD, medical cannabis research, and the endocannabinoid system for publications like the Huffington Post and Project CBD. Mary is also the author of ‘The CBD Book – The Essential Guide to CBD Oil’ published by Harper Collins.

Zinmar Adkin 
Head of Communications

Zinmar Adkin is the founder of Cannaskope, a creative communications agency on a mission to create change through ethical and sustainable practices in the cannabis industry. With 17 years of experience in brand, marketing and corporate communications, honing her skills at London’s top creative agencies (including Saatchi & Saatchi and Adam & Eve) through building winning strategies for global brands within Procter & Gamble and General Mills. In 2014 she gained experience in a frontier market by developing the in-house communications for Myanmars largest private bank KBZ Bank. On a mission of 100% financial literacy, she helped move the nation away from cash to digital through the launch of the mobile financial service ‘KBZPay’, a joint venture with Huawei. On returning to the UK, she identified a gap in consumer education and created her blog ‘Roll with Z’. Zinmar writes about everyday CBD wellness, emerging industry trends, brands that help drive the growth of conscious consumerism. She is an Advisor to KSMA, an intermediary consultancy which creates paths towards a resilient future for Myanmar through the sustainable agriculture of industrial hemp.